“As a large player in the retail market, we’re constantly working to surprise our customers, to offer them something more. By integrating a Libero Point in each of our 15 outlets, we’ve upgraded our in-store experiences. We can now offer not only the high quality ingredients, but also a high level of inspiration.“

Kenneth Vansina, Head of Customer Experience
Makro Cash & Carry Belgium

Food service solutions for retail business

NaturaSì opens its first
bio-Bistro with Electrolux Professional

In the center of Treviso, Italy, a few steps from Vittoria Square, you will find NaturaSì: the supermarket chain that focuses uniquely on biological products.

“Our goal is to bring this concept to other cities, both Italian and European, even with the help of Electrolux Professional, technical partner who has managed to translate our requirements within a small space yet complete at the same time”

Andrea Frizzarin, Business Development Manager

Autogrill’s flagship store
“Il Mercato del Duomo”

Autogrill’s flagship store “Il Mercato del Duomo”, in Milan, chose Electrolux Professional as its technical partner.

“Il Mercato del Duomo” stretches over 3000 sqm across 4 floors, where local food producers and artisans accompany foodies in a rigorously “Made in Italy” culinary journey.

The partnership between Electrolux Professional and Autogrill is unquestionably a meeting of two giants, international leaders in their own sectors.

Solutions and suggestions for your retail business

Chicken Station

Reduce Food Wastage
Chill the food and regenerate on a daily base or extend the shelf life to rework the chicken in alternative solutions (i.e. salads)

Food safety
Guarantee safety for your customers

Guarantee Quality
Apply the cook&chill process on your daily work to avoid corruption of the food in the cool down phase

Reduce timing
Reduce the chilling time means also reducing the timing for the display of specific food (i.e. roast beef, turkey breast)

Sandwich Preparation Station

The fastest Panini Grill
Hot Panini in 30 seconds: up to 6 times faster than a standard panini grill thanks to the combination of 3 different heating sources.

Compact Station
In a small space all you need to prepare your sandwiches and to grill them: cut, mix, store and grill.

Labor Savings
automatic programs available to prepare different sandwich typologies.

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