not just another appliance.

Cook&Chill is a way of working that can improve life in professional kitchens, as well as their results.

for Restaurants

Electrolux Professional’s Cook&Chill can help combat common sources of stress in the kitchen, championing great food through a healthier work-life balance and making your business more profitable.

  • Ensuring consistent food quality
  • guaranteeing punctual delivery to customers
  • letting chefs experiment, get creative with and perfect new dishes
Solutions for restraurants

for Hotels

Today’s customers have higher expectations than ever. They want their hotel to offer fast room service with high-quality food from a variety of cultures and suitable for all kinds of diets.

  • More flexible menus
  • leaner and more streamlined workflows
  • less waste plus time, cost and energy savings
Solutions for hotels

Blast Chillers & Freezers

Optimize the workflow in your kitchen by increasing the shelf life of food and reduce waste. Our innovative blast chillers and freezers are crafted to complete the integrated Cook&Chill process.

air-o-steam Touch Line Combi Oven

air-o-steam Touchline inaugurates a new era in combi ovens, ensuring a simple and intuitive way of cooking in every kind of professional kitchen, satisfying quick service restaurants, high-capacity kitchens and even fine dining restaurants of the most experienced Chefs.

Accessories for Cook&Chill

Volcano smoker

Ideal for cooking and smoking of fish, pork, poultry, beef, cheese, bread, vegetables (using wood chips, dried spices) and for low temperature cooking with smoked flavour.

USB Sous-vide probe

The Sous-vide probe is ideal for sous-vide cooking to ensure that the correct core temperature is accurately reached without affecting the vacuum in the bag.

Discover all the accessories

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  • Cooking accessories<br>Double-step door opening

    Cooking accessories
    Double-step door opening

    Double-step door opening kit
    • Ideal for increasing operating safety.
      • the first step gradually lets the steam out, without a complete door opening.

      • the second step allows a complete door opening

  • air-o-convect Touchline<br>Natural Gas Convection Oven 20GN 2/1

    air-o-convect Touchline
    Natural Gas Convection Oven 20GN 2/1

    air-o-convect with high resolution touch screen control, gas, 20x2/1GN, 2 cooking modes (manual, recipe program), air-o-clean functions
    • air-o-flow: fresh air from the outside is directed to the bi-functional fan, becomes pre-heated and then pushed into the cooking chamber to guarantee an even cooking process.
    • Single sensor core temperature probe included.
    • Make-it-mine feature to allow user to personalize all user main interfaces in the "Setting" mode and block editing and deleting of stored programs.
    • Supplied with n.1 trolley rack 2/1GN, 63mm pitch and door shield.

  • air-o-convect<br>Electric Convection Oven 8GN 1/1

    Electric Convection Oven 8GN 1/1

    air-o-convect, electric, 8x1/1GN, convection oven with direct steam and 11 humidity level settings, 80mm pitch
    • air-o-flow: fresh air from the outside is directed to the bi-functional fan, becomes pre-heated and then pushed into the cooking chamber to guarantee an even cooking process.
    • Single sensor core temperature probe included.
    • Dry hot convection cycle (max 300 °C) ideal for low humidity cooking. Automatic moistener (11 settings) for boiler-less steam generation.
      • 0 = no additional moisture (browning, au gratin, baking, pre-cooked food)

      • 1-2 = low moisture (small portions of meat and fish)

      • 3-4 = medium low moisture (large pieces of meat, reheating, roasted chicken and proving)

      • 5-6 = medium moisture (roasted vegetable and first step of roasted meat & fish)

      • 7-8 = medium-high moisture (stewed vegetables)

      • 9-10 = high moisture (poached meat and jacket potatoes)
    • Double step cooking to set two different phases.

  • Cooking accessories<br>Heat shield

    Cooking accessories
    Heat shield

    Heat shield for 6x1/1GN
    • Ideal for protecting left side of the oven (electronics) from overheating caused by closeness to strong heat sources (ex. charbroilers, stoves...).
    • 70 mm thickness.

  • air-o-chill<br>Blast Chiller-Freezer 10 1/1 50 kg with USB

    Blast Chiller-Freezer 10 1/1 50 kg with USB

    Blast chiller/freezer 50/50kg, 10xGN1/1 or 600x400mm (36 levels pitch 20mm) - USB
    • Performance guaranteed at ambient temperatures of +43°C.
    • USB connection: to download HACCP data from the blast chiller (time, cavity temperature, alarms, and probe temperature).
    • Blast Freezing cycle: 50 kg from 90ºC up to -18ºC in less than four hours.
    • Blast Chilling cycle: 50 kg from +90°C up to + 3°C in less than 90 minutes.

  • Cooking accessories<br>Tray rack

    Cooking accessories
    Tray rack

    Reinforced tray rack with wheels, lowest support dedicated to a grease collection tray, for 10x1/1GN, 64mm pitch
    • Ideal for greasy cooking - with 11 tray guides where the lowest one is suitable for a grease drip tray.
    • Is used with wheels, slide-in support is required.
    • Includes wheels.
    • Recommended to be used with grease collection trolley with drip tray.