SpeeDelight – the game changer!

Electrolux Professional proves that ‘Fast has never tasted so good” with SpeeDelight. It is a unique cooking solution for various food outlets, from quick service restaurants to pubs and bars, coffee shops and retail operations.

The next generation of SpeeDelight’s HSG (High Speed Grill) combines breakthrough cooking technology with user-friendly features designed to deliver a variety of delicious grab-and-go dishes three times faster than the conventional sandwich presses. This innovative and sustainable design was developed through extensive customer insight by the manufacturer’s global R&D team. As a result, the appliance won the top prize at the Plus X Awards.

SpeeDelight was launched at Nafem – the leading US food service exhibition, in February 2017 and expectations were high. We have launched in Australia in March 2018 and the interest has exceeded our expectations already.

The feedback was positive – and not just at the show! Throughout the year, customers have been impressed with its performance, reliability and innovative design. While we always had faith in the solution’s potential, we could not have forecasted the response we received from the market – winning no less than seven prestigious awards to date.

We ended the year with double digital sales growth and there are now over 2,500 SpeeDelight’s operating in restaurants, bars and cafés worldwide. It has fast become something of an iconic product in the US and Europe, in particular.

This appliance pairs big flavour with a small energy footprint. It is also so much more than a standalone machine: thanks to its smart connectivity, through a USB port and Wi-Fi capability, operators can track, store, upgrade and share cooking menus; monitor warnings or malfunctions; improve and perfect workflows and achieve consistency across multiple outlets.

Furthermore, the manufacturer’s extensive Customer Care network puts operators in touch with over 2,000 service partners in more than 149 countries for expert servicing and maintenance, whilst an Accessory & Consumables kit including everything from utensils to cleaning products gives operators the tools they need to ensure SpeeDelight delivers optimum speed and maximum taste.

Alberto Pezzutto, Head of High Speed Cooking Category at Electrolux Professional said, “Our first generation HSG Panini helped to transform many food service outlets, as well as open up new revenue streams for those previously unable to provide a hot food offer. Now we’re empowering everybody from quick service restaurants to bars, cafes and supermarkets to meet the needs of busy lifestyles and growing food awareness, by allowing them to prepare perfectly cooked and visually appealing food faster than ever before. Whether it’s panini, pizzas, burritos or sandwiches, SpeeDelight delivers tasty grab-and-go dishes to order in seconds – giving operators more time to dedicate to creating happy customers.”

We can’t wait for more customers to join us on the ‘fast good food’ revolution – because fast food honestly never tasted so good!

SpeeDelight – the game changer! 2018-06-01T04:49:45+00:00 Electrolux Professional