Make the most of your laundry services with Electrolux washers and dryers

Electrolux is synonymous with excellence, and excellence is key for a complete laundry solution.

Washing machines have become essential for many businesses, with in-house laundry services becoming increasingly popular for many facilities.

Electrolux Professional has developed the world’s most sustainable and flexible laundry solutions by utilising customer insight to improve functionality, productivity and ergonomics.

A full in house laundry service is the most efficient way for your business to take control of quality and cost. Outsourcing laundry services can add up and increase your ongoing business expenditure. Consider investing in a in an Electrolux in-house laundry system that will save you time and money in the long run.

We live in a world where we have appliances that are able to do most of our cleaning for us, and here are a few tips, tricks and solutions that will speed up the laundry routine, combat laundry woes and leave items looking immaculate:

  • Whilst a washing machines is a blessing, it cannot always work miracles and requires some assistance where stains are involved. To combat stains, soak immediately – if the stain dries there’s a higher chance the item may be unsalvageable. For the best wash results, look no further than Electrolux front load washers, equipped with technology to save water, energy, chemicals and ultimately money.
  • Although Electrolux tumble dryers come equipped with the convenience of an anti-crease function, we suggest that you remove items as soon as they have finished drying to best avoid wrinkles and creases. Check out Electrolux Professional finishing equipment to see the difference our easy-to-use, highly automated finishing presses and electrically-heated ironing tables can make for you and your business.
  • To avoid shrinking clothing in the wash, be sure to read care labels or clothing tags to ensure you are following the correct washing instructions. It is also less likely that your clothes will shrink if items are removed from the dryer before they are completely dry. Electrolux tumble dryers come complete with technology to prevent over drying to ensure the longevity of all your garments.
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