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Configured for your tenants

Choose your Multi-Housing Laundry solution package.

Specific requirements in terms of size and performance are our benchmark for configuration of custom solutions. Washers, dryers and accessories - all Electrolux Professional solutions are made to fit each other in an optimal way.

Feel free to be inspired by the following solution packages, contact us, and we will help you to tailor-make your own optimal solution.

  • Access Multi-Housing Laundry solution
    For smaller buildings, student homes and locations
    with limited functional living space
    Laundry equipment: 2 x Washer W555H, 2 x Dryer T5130, Ironer IB42310, Drying Cabinet TS560

  • Advanced Multi-Housing Laundry solution
    The favourite solution suitable for 10 – 14 families
    Laundry equipment: 2 x Washer W4175H, Dryer T4190, T4250 or T4300LE, Drying Cabinet TS5121/LE alternatively
    TS4180/LE or build your drying room with our dryers and line systems, Cold Ironer KM480 and an Ironing Board

  • Superior Multi-Housing Laundry solution
    Recommended in combination with 2 or more Advanced
    Multi-Housing Laundry solutions for the possibility
    to wash bigger and heavier items
    Laundry equipment: Washer W4130H or W4180H, Dryer T5290, T4350 or T4300LE, Drying Cabinet TS5180