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Safekeeping the waste from a nuclear power plant is a well-known problem

Less well known is that many tons of garments and tools
with low radioactivity is stored as garbage, condemned
because they are too radioactive to use.

As for textiles they can be washed, but the risk is that
these tiny radioactive particles lodge somewhere in the
machine, and make the machine itself a future hazard.

Electrolux Professional Laundry has the technology to
supply washing machines with
high-quality stainless
, pore-less welded seams and other water system
features that enable them to safely manage load after
load of slightly contaminated garments, coveralls or
other textiles.

The washer will remain clean of unwanted
radioactive pollution, and is safe to scrap after
it’s useful working life.

The added bonus of superior wash performance
and high energy efficiency together with low water consumption, effectively create a safe environment for us all.


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