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Texture modified meals solutions

Discover the Homogenisation Capabilities of the K45/55/70 range of Food Processors


Testing our appliances, we are each time discovering more and more capabilities that they have.

Thanks to the presence of the scraper and the high maximum speed of the 3700 rpm, we were able to achieve excellent homogenisation result to prepare plates suitable for spoon-feeding or semi-liquid feeding of patients that are currently not able to chew solid food.

Texture modified meals solutions

Besides, we don’t have to prepare the food in any special way. We can just cook the meal as usual and then homogenise it with our K45/K55/K70 food processors. This allows us to preserve all the nutritional values, the taste and the colour. The final result is pleasing for the eyes and the palate. This can be very important for reviving the sense of taste of recovering patients.

In addition the homogenization process is essential to prepare food to feed babies or elderly people, as well.



Last but not least we are offering a selection of three different blades (smooth, micro-toothed and emulsifier) for these food processors, from which chefs can choose the best option for the preparation they are working on. Each K45/55/70 food processor comes with one blade already included and a convenient blade holder that can be mounted on the wall for easier storing.

Texture modified meals, blades