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3 in 1 solution awarded for versatile design and superior performance

Launched in 2007, TRS/K/TRK is a unique combined vegetable cutter-slicer which has always been on the cutting edge of Quality, Speed and Performance.

With this 3 in 1 versatile machine your culinary creativity has no limits: easily change from a vegetable slicer to a food processor in a matter of seconds, touch the user-friendly control panel to select required speed and pulse function, choose among an extensive range of slicing discs and cutting blades, and make even the most difficult preparation possible.

TRS/K/TRK was awarded with two of the most important European design recognitions: "Janus de l'Industrie" (2007) and "Compasso d'Oro" (2011). 

A new interactive guide has been developed to help you choose the cutting equipment for the TRK, TRS and TR200 series that best matches your needs.
You can opt for exploring the range either by the ingredient that you wish to process or by the size and type of the cutting disc.

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Honorable Mention 2011 within the ADI “Compasso d’Oro” Award

ADI Compasso d’Oro award is the oldest and the most influential international design award, since 1964 ADI (Association for Industrial Design) managed its organization.

In 2008 the TRS/K/TRK was  included in the ADI Design Index, the annual publication which comprises all the best of Italian design.

In 2011 the TRS/K/TRK won the Honourable Mention went as the best-in-class product in terms of innovative design and performance.

The cutter and vegetable slicer TRS/K/TRK from the Electrolux Professional Food Preparation  range is now included in the Historical Collection of the Compasso d’Oro award, declared by the Italian Cultural Heritage Ministry to be "of exceptional artistic and historical interest" and included in Italy’s national heritage.




"Janus de l'industrie" award

Assigned since 1953 by the French Institute of Design, the Janus de l’Industrie is a mark of recognition, which rewards products that have fundamental design excellence, reflect ethical and environmental impact and provide economical values to users.

While evaluating an appliance, the judges take into consideration the stock of improvements in the industrial process through standardization of assembly process and materials choice.

In 2007 the TRS/K/TRK won the Janus de l’Industrie award being recognized the product that best integrates consumer usage value form the concept stage.