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Ideal Wash System: maximum washing performance with minimum water consumption

Electrolux Modular Rack Type dishwashers, equipped with the Ideal Wash System (IWS) are ergonomic and easy to use and ensure a high level of hygiene and flexibility.


The Ideal Wash System (IWS) is designed to wash every item perfectly - 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. The IWS includes three separate zones: pre-wash, wash and rinse, guaranteeing less water, energy and detergent consumption without compromising the washing performance.

Electrolux Modular Rack Type dishwashers

Pre-wash zone

It typically contains the dirtiest water in the dishwasher and provides the base for perfect washing. Electrolux pre-wash is completely detached from the detergent laden heated wash zone water and uses only fresh cold water to prevent protein based food stuffs sticking to the plates.

Wash zone

It is isolated from both the rinse and the pre-wash zone. It is free of rinse aid that typically weakens the washing power of the detergent. The result is less detergent consumption.

Rinse zone

It ensures complete detergent removal with minimum water consumption. 

Discover what Electrolux Rack Type dishwashers equipped with the Ideal Wash System (IWS) can do for your business