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Tandoor Concept:
only by Electrolux Professional

Tandoor Concept

The Tandoor Concept is a cooking process specific to traditional Indian cuisine.

It can be defined as the method of preparing traditional Indian food in Electrolux Professional equipment, by using raw local materials and products, in a way that the final results retain their authentic flavor, texture, aroma and taste of Indian cuisine from all regions.

Traditional Indian flavors and taste can be achieved by using an Electrolux oven instead of the traditional Indian tandoor oven.

The result of the Indian cooking process, like Tandoori (char grilled), dum (sealed food cooked in its own juices), and steamed or curries, can be easily accomplished by using Electrolux Professional technologies such as:

  • thermaline pressure braising pans
  • air-o-convect Touchline ovens
  • air-o-steam Touchline ovens
  • air-o-chill blast chiller/freezers
  • Libero Point equipment

The benefits of the Tandoor Concept



Only one Electrolux oven needed instead of a Tandoor oven and a steam oven.


Cook various types of Indian dishes at the same time in the air-o-convect Touchline oven e.g. samosa, kulcha bread, kachori, pulao rice, Biryani in clay pot, kebab, dhokla, idli, tandoori aloo etc.


Cook 600 pieces of Murgh Tikka in 9 mins by using air-o-steam Touchline 10 GN; 30 kg of boneless chicken curry in 12 mins by using thermaline pressure braising pan; cook a full load of chicken biryani in 35 mins in the air-o-convect Touchline oven 10 GN; cook 120 pcs of steamed idli in 8 mins in the air-o-steam Touchline oven 10 GN.

And much more...

  • Take advantage of new age cooking technology, vacuum cooking, "sous vide" according to Indian cuisine requirements
  • Energy efficiency and cost savings
  • Reduced cooking times
  • Automatic cleaning cycle
  • Customized accessories


Discover what Tandoor Concept
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