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The secret about wet-cleaning

1) An ideal complement to dry-cleaning:
Wet-cleaning can complement your existing dry-cleaning operation or work parallel with equipment you have already installed.

This assures you:

  • A superior method for removing sweat and protein stains.
  • Better results on PVC-lined garments and finer fabrics with sequins.
  • Minimal damage to buttons and plastic zips.
  • Possibility to clean most garments in-house and also handle waterproofing.
  • The opportunity of wet-cleaning the leather and suede with specific detergents.



2) An ideal complement to standard laundry:
Wet-cleaning provides an in-house solution for hotels, restaurants, hospitals
and health care institutions, eliminating the need for off-site subcontracting.

This assures you:

  • Full control over ALL laundry.
  • Premium cleaning results.
  • Perfect solution for workwear /uniforms.
  • Efficient cleaning of textiles such as wool blankets, thick bed quilts and pillows.

Water is the first key component to understand what gives Wet-cleaning the capability to keep fabrics looking better and smelling fresher.

The second very important key is the use of specific detergents. When adapted to natural fibres they will protect them from deformation.

Then it is just a matter of adding the correct amount of biodegradable detergent, along with a gentle mechanical action over the optimal period of time.

As a result water is able to naturally remove stains and transport dirt to the waste pipe.

What’s left behind is a fresh smell of cleanliness, a soft touch to the fabric, brilliant whites and bright colours. With this in mind, it’s easy to see why the demand for wet-cleaning effectively treating stains in fabrics
is growing.