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Tailor-made solution

Even before you have cleaned and dried your first load of garments by wet-cleaning, you will find that Electrolux Professional has an entire support system in place to help ensure your success as a professional cleaner.

Increase productivity, increase profitability
With over 100 years of experience in the Professional laundry business and some 20 years of expertise within delicate garment treatment, you can rely on Electrolux to support you with an optimal solution for your business. Our vision and strategy is always to strive for results with your needs in focus. By identifying the most suitable solution for your needs you will increase your productivity and enhance profitability. At the same time you will contribute to a sustainable future.

To identify the right size of machine, all parameters need to be integrated
• Volume of the largest items treated in the machine (e.g. duvet)
• Business ratio between wet-cleaning and laundry process
• Possible intention to expand
• Placement of equipment in the space allocated
• Accessibility in the room
Electrolux Professional will always support you in optimizing your choice.

The Electrolux team will assist you with all technical aspects
• Installation layout
• Plumbing, electrical advice etc. prior to installation
• Installation and start up
• Best practices advice
• After-sales and service

Exclusive finishing and accessories will make it easy to expand the services you offer customers
In addition to the extensive range of wetcleaning machines, Electrolux can complement your operation with specially designed form finishers, trouser toppers, spotting tables, vacuum/blowing cold ironing tables and more.