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Expectionally well-balanced approach

Today, as the list of manufacturers that offer professional wet-cleaning solutions continues to grow, the differences that Electrolux Professional provides become more obvious with every load of laundry you clean.
With Electrolux Professional you have control. We know what you need to achieve excellent cleaning results for your customers. To make this happen we have developed equipment with state-of-the-art features leaving nothing more to be desired.

Excellent control systems Clarus® and Compass Pro®
• Fully programmable to the needs of wetcleaning (temperature, time, speed etc.)
• LPM (Laundry Program Manager) allows you to create new wash programs directly on your PC.

Frequency Motor Control (FMC)
By controlling step-by-step acceleration, drum speed and level of G-force the cleaning process gives:
• Less mechanical stress on the fibres.
• Optimized drying time for delicate garments.
• Better cleaning result.

Dedicated range of external dispensers
The flexibility of our machines permits up to 13 different detergent dispensers to be connected. For each cleaning process your business offers wet-cleaning, leather and waterproofing or your standard laundry - the correct amount of selected detergent is dispensed.
• Simplifies the operator’s task.
• Guarantees reliability and optimum result.
• Increased flexibility of installation.

Exceptional Residual Moisture Control (RMC)
Electrolux machines protect garments from over drying with remarkable accuracy in measuring the moisture content of garments.
• Specially insulated lifters in contact with the garment
• The exact residual moisture is measured over 400 times per second

Integrated cool-down function
Electrolux have integrated an adjustable cooling down function with the program to avoid creasing fabrics. This also improves the smooth finish of garments and the gentle handling of silk, wool and other finer fabrics.

Finishing equipment
• A complete range of selected finishing equipment to emphasize the quality.