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Refrigerators and Freezers

Fresh and frozen foods have different preservation needs. To maintain their integrity, fresh foods preserve better in a humid chilly climate while frozen foods require dry, frigid air to prevent decay and freezer burn.

Electrolux offers a complete range of food preserving appliances that enables organizations to manage their business performance at the highest standards.

Our refrigerator models have operating temperatures that can be adjusted from -2 °C to +10 °C while freezer models offer temperatures from -24 °C to -15 °C.

All refrigerators and freezers are outfitted with high performance solid or glass doors that you can trust to keep the cold locked.

With their incredible stocking capacity you can store 160 litres for small kitchens with limited space to 1400 litres for high production kitchens.

Additionally, models equipped with Frost Watch Control provide great advantages in kitchens with frequent door openings, because they optimize defrosting avoiding sudden changes in temperature, reducing bacterial proliferation, food damage and high energy consumption.