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thermaline Modular 85

thermaline Modular 85

Robust and hardworking

Packed with innovation, thermaline Modular 85 allows operators to reduce energy consumption in kitchens and obtain the very best results and highest levels of efficiency. Cooking features such as the Electrolux Professional Ecotop allows users to save up to 35% of energy consumption, whilst the patented flower flame burners concentrate the heat on the bottom of the pan, reducing energy wastage and enabling savings of up to 65%.

Beyond durability

thermaline Modular 85 boasts a strong internal frame resistant to bumps and corrosion, thanks to its 2 mm thick AISI 304 stainless steel construction. This unique chassis guarantees structural reliability in any type of installation (on feet, cantilever, stainless steel and concrete plinth).

Modular for a perfect fit

The most flexible modular cooking system offering multiple configurations (against the wall and back to back) as well as an extensive range of cooking functions, cook tops, work tops and bases (hot, cold, neutral and holding).

Free cooking

There are never enough cooking tops in a high productivity kitchen. The new free-cooking top allows you to use both pots and pans and cook food directly on contact at the same time. Flexibility, outstanding results and energy efficiency are guaranteed.

Swiss excellence

Swiss-made with impeccable finishings. The Thermodul seamless connection between cooking functions (ProThermetic boiling and braising pans included) avoids liquid infiltration assuring maximum hygiene.


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