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900XP trust the experience













The modular product lines 900XP and 700XP stoves work well to anticipate your needs in the principal market segments like quick and full service restaurants and high productivity kitchens.

The new 900XP stove incorporates a number of clever innovations to improve cooking efficiency and productivity:

  • Electric and gas pasta cookers offer an energy control feature to guarantee optimal use of energy
  • The new PowerGrill offer high performance grilling system and superior heat uniformity  
  • The new 1200mm-wide Fry TopHP provides superb productivity and quality of cooking as it will always maintain the set temperature, to guarantee you never have to wait.
  • The exclusive “flower flame” burners guarantee flexibility and high efficiency. Because of their unique shape, the flame is precisely adjusted to fit pans of any diameter.
  • The new Gas convection oven provides increased productivity by cooking on two levels, use GN/1 trays simultaneously.


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