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Vegetable slicers and manual slicers

Electrolux's vegetable slicers are suitable for quick and easy cuts, superior quality and extreme sturdiness.

Electrolux's vegetable slicers offers different models - table top and freestanding - all working in continuous to grant higher productivity with large and long veggies hoppers to fit all types of vegetables and fruits. All you have to do is just push the button and cut your vegetables in one fluid motion.

Manual slicers are designed for even more precise cutting and applications to achieve elegant food presentation:

  • tomatoes, oranges, lemons and apple dividers
  • tomato slicers
  • potato chipper


TRS model meet all your needs in cutting vegetable and fruit while offering high productivity, outstanding performance, superior quality and extreme strurdiness.

Stainless steel lever, stainless steel hopper and cutting chamber are aeasily removable and diswasher safe.

A new interactive guide has been developed to help you choose the cutting equipment for the TRK, TRS and TR200 series that best matches your needs.
You can opt for exploring the range either by the ingredient that you wish to process or by the size and type of the cutting disc.

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