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Waste Management System

The Electrolux Waste Management System is a compact, innovative system for the treatment of organic waste which allows:

  • Up to 80% reduction of the volume of organic waste, thanks to its unique process of waste treatment.
  • Reduction of running costs for the kitchen, since the treated waste can be stored in a standard environment, reducing or eliminating the need for additional refrigerated rooms.
  • Reduction of waste collection costs and of related environmental pollution,
  • Production of a dry waste that can be further used to produce biogas or compost, allowing complete re-usage of organic waste.

Food waste is loaded through the intake, it passes through a grinding and centrifugal dehydratation process, and is finally collected in a waste bin situated in front of the appliance. All in one unit!

Electrolux Waste Disposal Unit is the perfect choice for sites with limited space and lots of business!