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Undercounter dishwashers are the ideal solution for demanding customers requiring high performance with low running costs. Electrolux offers the maximum in washing results while providing reliable dishwashing operation. With our undercounter dishwashers you always get Excellent washing and rinsing performance with total detergent removal. They are ideal for cleaning plates, cups, utensils, trays, cutlery and glasses.

You’ll also enjoy the additional benefits such as Green, Clean, Silent and Safe of the green&clean Undercounters diswashers:

  • Green: cut your running costs by 20%. Less water, energy, detergent and rinse aid consumption for lower running costs and less impact on environment.
  • Clean: best-in-class washing and rinsing performance with total detergent removal
  • Silent: best-in-class for low noise level thanks to the double skin insulated wall
  • Safe: unique WASH•SAFE CONTROL device for a constant nominal rinsing temperature of 84°C