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Blast Chillers & Freezers

To chill and lock in freshness

Each product from Electrolux blast chillers and freezers range is designed to make your life easier, more profitable and energy efficient by optimizing the workflow in your kitchen, as they increase the shelf life of food and reduce waste.

Our innovative blast chillers and freezers are crafted to complete the integrated Cook&Chill process.

Cook&Chill is the term to used to describe the system of cooking, chilling and regenerating a food product through the use of ovens and blast chillers/freezers by working together (air-o-system).

The modularity, technology and design evolution of Electrolux’s wide range of blast chillers and freezers will impress you in a very special way.

The diverse chilling/freezing cycle selection allows you to keep what you eat deliciously fresh and perfectly preserved.

Use soft chilling for delicate foods like leafy or cut vegetables and seafood, hard chilling for solid and firm foods, including stews, casseroles and slabs of meat and poultry. Shock freezing is used for all kinds of raw, half and fully cooked foods to store over a long period of time.