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Camping and Marina

During their free time, people like enjoying time close
to nature without losing sight on service and comfort.
This is why camping sites and marinas are now offering
different level of services to make the stay of their
guests outstanding.  One of the services that can add
value to these locations is definitely a laundry facility. 
Why not offer your visitors the opportunity to clean their
garments and linens while earning some cash?
What benefits would you have with an in-house laundry?

Efficient and Time Saving
A solution with efficient professional washers and dryers 
will save time with ultra efficient programmes and will take
care of the recondition of clothing and textiles. 

Excellent Performance
Electrolux will provide your guests with the best equipment and offer professional capacity and quality far beyond the performance of normal household machine at a lean cost for you as operator.

Higher Capacities
Professional machines with higher capacities can reduce the number of machines needed reducing the overall invested capital. Between our ranges we provide various solutions like the Wash & Dry for limited laundry space.

Secure Laundry Room
To make the laundry facility more intimate and secure Electrolux can provide a booking system, including access, booking and warning system which tell you when the laundry is ready to be collected .


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