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thermaline M2M - Made to Measure

thermaline M2M

You desire, we build
The possibilites are endless

A product achieved with the same precision as a jewel of rare beauty, demonstrating sturdiness and functionality which can only exist in two places in the world: in your mind and at the thermaline Production and Competence Center, where the kitchen of your dreams becomes a reality. With over 40 different cooking options, thermaline M2M is a kitchen like no other, a tailor-made masterpiece, the perfect mix of reliable innovation, high efficiency and one-of-a-kind design.

Reliable innovation makes your life easier


  • Patented flower flame burners: high efficiency, less heat, flame is concentrated only on the bottom of the pan
  • Fry top with Powertop plate: optimal heat distribution and cooking evenness
  • Aquacooker: multipurpose cooking (sous-vide, bain marie, pasta cooker)
  • Free-Cooking top: for direct contact cooking or with pots and pans


Maximum efficiency
Pleasant work environment


  • Solid top with Ecotop surface: guarantees high efficiency, energy savings and minimal heat dispersion
  • Full surface induction: high productivity, use up to 16 pots at the same time
  • Ecoflam: produce less heat and save energy, when pan is removed only the pilot flame remains lit


One-of-a-kind design

The best ergonomy, hygiene and sturdiness with the Swissfinish 3mm single-piece work top.


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