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IcyHot: power, productivity and flexibility at your fingertips

IcyHot is unique on the market and is one of the most innovative solutions within the 900XP horizontal cooking range.
IcyHot allows the combination of a high performing grill or fry top with the new Ref-freezer base, to obtain a single system ensuring power, productivity and flexibility all in one.

• Power: maximum power with the PowerGrillHP or Fry TopHP on the top of the innovative Ref-freezer

• Productivity: increase productivity and maximize work-flow by eliminating the time needed to  recuperate ingredients from the refrigerator or freezer

• Flexibility: simply choose your menu and set the base as a refrigerator or freezer according to  your needs

The new XP PowerGrillHP
The new 1200mm-wide 900XP Fry TopHP
The unique XP Ref-freezer base

The new XP PowerGrillHP guarantees high productivity, excellent grilling results and
energy saving, thanks to the innovative, highly efficient radiant heating system (patent pending).

The new 1200mm-wide 900XP Fry TopHP provides superb productivity and cooking quality. It is especially convenient in kitchens needing to prepare large quantities of food in a very short time.

The unique XP Ref-freezer base can be set as a refrigerator or freezer at temperatures between -20°C and +10°C and can be installed below any top appliance.