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air-o-steam Touchline: perfect cooking conditions for optimum cooking results

How chefs and catering professionals achieve the best results in the kitchen?
Creating the perfect cooking conditions!

air-o-steam Touchline ensures the ideal cooking athmposphere while providing high efficiency thanks to:

Precise humidity control: the patented lambda sensor guarantees the accurate, real-time measurement of the humidity within the chamber under all conditions, thus ensuring constant cooking results, not dependent on food load and quality.

Great cooking evenness: the uniform heat distribution inside the chamber results in excellent performances in terms of food browning, crispiness, taste and flavor.

• Cooking quality: the multi-sensor probe ensures exact core temperature measurement at all times, with optimum results in terms of food safety, cooking performance and reduced weight loss.

Energy and water savings: the steam generator produces steam only when needed, taking into consideration the humidity generated by the food itself, while the green functions of the integrated automatic cleaning system optimize the consumption of electricity, water and rinse aid.

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