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Dosing Systems

Dosing System

efficient dosing system

Save up to
40% on detergent

Better for the textiles,
better for your wallet

With the Efficient Dosing System from Electrolux Professional your laundry solution will be more cost efficient than ever.

You have full control over the wash process, and the high quality output guarantees an end to damaged linen or skin irritations caused by detergent overdosing.

  • Savings of up to 40 % in detergent
  • Best linen quality due to accurate detergent dosing
  • Time savings on account of an totally automatic dosing process
  • A safer work environment thanks to automatic detergent dosing
  • Environmental friendliness due to less use of chemicals throughout the process
  • Easy access to statistics and cost reports via USB port
  • Customizable options for usage across various laundry segments

Best in class cost savings & quality
Efficient Dosing System for best economy in your laundry
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The benefits of having an on-premises laundry
The Grand Hotel, Lytham St. Annes, Lancashire UK

Built in 1897, The Grand Hotel at Lytham St Annes sits overlooking the seafront on the North West coast of England and has served as a family run hotel for the past 22 years. Concealing 54 stylish rooms, The Grand also boasts a chic 22-room out-house, as well as a luxurious and popular spa. Convinced of the benefits of having an on-premises laundry (OPL) over outsourcing, The Grand concluded that modernising its laundry facilities would offer long term savings and control that the busy hotel requires, and turned to Electrolux Professional to provide a bespoke solution.

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