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Refrigeration Equipment

A true masterpiece of preservation

Food preservation pioneered by Electrolux deliver freshness, taste and texture in your professional kitchen.

With Electrolux, each piece of refrigeration equipment is crafted thoughtfully, using the latest innovation technologies for you to keep fresh and frozen food deliciously crisp as well as enjoying additional benefits; low energy consumption, high loading capacity, simple and effortless usage and ergonomic design.

We are very proud of our new ecostore cabinets because of their unbeatable capacity and sturdiness. They provide, on average, 50 litres more available space, compared to competitors’ cabinets in the market.

Our professional refrigeration models, equipped with Frost Watch Control activates the defrost cycle only when necessary.

With our new ecostore refrigeration cabinets you can be even more efficient and cut your electricity bill by 65%.