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ProThermetic Boiling and Braising Pans

ProThermetic Boiling and Braising Pans

The Electrolux range of ProThermetic tilting and stationary boiling and braising pans are designed for the heavy-duty requirements of hotels, institutions, hospitals, central kitchens and in-flight kitchens.

All appliances incorporate an innovative touch screen control panel in multiple languages, clearly visible from a distance, with intuitive icons for easy and precise setting of temperature and power level. Fast, easy and thorough cleaning thanks to the IPX6 water protection level, 8 times higher against strong jets of water.

Choose a pressure boiling or braising pan to obtain the best cooking results in terms of taste, food color and consistency as well as vitamin preservation and less alteration of nutritional elements. In addition, pressure cooking assures a consistent reduction of cooking time and low energy consumption.

Video Recipes

Recipes for ProThermetic Pressure Braising Pan