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There is no room for compromise. You always get the results you’re aiming for.

With Electrolux’s diverse oven range you can roast, stew and pouch meat, achieving the tenderest result. Cook, grill, toast, and even fry without oil. With Electrolux’s ovens and blast chillers you can cook and chill at the same time. You will enjoy a richly gratinated chicken, perfectly crispy outside and mouth watering inside.

Keeping with its professional tradition since 1977, Electrolux has been producing combi ovens to cook a wide variety of foods and to satisfy the most demanding requirements.

Just choose what suits you best, exploring all the Electrolux's oven ranges benefits and enjoying the professional details:

  • balanced cooking atmosphere with anything you choose
  • low gas emissions
  • food safety control according to HACCP standards
  • reduced consumptions