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air-o-steam Touchline Combi Oven

Electrolux Professional introduces the new air-o-steam Touchline, the combi oven that simplifies cooking, saves money and reduces climate impact.

The newest addition, of the Electrolux Professional oven family, joins the reliability and top performance of air-o-steam combi oven, with the simplicity and the sustainability of the new, revolutionary, Touchline range.

The innovative ingredients of the new air-o-steam Touchline oven can be summed up in two words: easier and greener.

Touchline Combi Oven Reserved Area

You chose Touchline.
You deserve special treatment.

With air-o-steam Touchline, there’s no more need for complicated cooking.

Continuous checks and adjustment, as well as many routine tasks and complex programming, are finally a thing of the past: three simple steps are all it takes to start even the most elaborated cooking processes.

Just like the latest mobile devices, Touchline’s user interface is absolutely intuitive and simple to use: cooking cycles, temperature and time are clearly visible at distance even at extreme visual angles and can be completely set in a couple of seconds.

It is perfect for every kind of professional kitchen satisfying Quick Service Restaurants, high capacity kitchens and even the elite restaurants of the most experienced Chefs.

There is no need for expensive user trainings: even temporary staff can use the air-o-steam Touchline combi oven.


The new air-o-steam Touchline oven features 3 intuitive cooking modes

Automatic cooking modePrograms cooking modeManual cooking mode



It is the easiest way to cook, offering 8 cooking families according to different food types, and 3 special cycles (Low Temperature, Regeneration and Proving). Let the oven do it all while you relax knowing everything is under control! The oven will automatically detect the food type and size of load. Select food family, cooking mode and type of food, then press Start.

The cooking time, temperature and ideal cooking climate are then calculated and automatically and continuously adjusted. All of the recipes have been tested and optimized by the Electrolux Executive Chefs to guarantee the best quality every time.



It is the ideal solution when you need repeatability of the menus as well as high productivity and you cannot count on a master Chef’s experience at each location. Select the recipe and press Start. Touchline will do the rest!

air-o-steam Touchline is the only combi oven which offers space for 1,000 recipes, which can be saved in a USB key and replicated or sent via e-mail, thus ensuring uniformity and the same cooking and taste standards in different outlets.



It represents the traditional way of cooking, dedicated to the experienced Chef who wants to keep the oven under constant control at the touch of a finger, while also supervising the daily kitchen routine.

With air-o-steam Touchline every second is optimized: the combi oven checks and regulates the cooking process (cavity temperature, humidity, food core temperature, etc.) 10 times per second, which means 600 times per minute or 36,000 times per hour!



Ten features to make the difference on the market


1. Touch technology

The user-friendly, easy-to-clean, scratch-resistant High Definition Touch Screen offers 262,000 vivid colors, internationally-recognized icons and food images as well as the possibility to choose among 30 different languages. This extremely intuitive user interface eliminates the need for instruction manuals.


2. Dedicated steam generator

The high performing dedicated steam generator guarantees a continuous supply of steam at all times. The automatic scale diagnosis system detects and notifies of any scale build-up.


3. USB

By means of a simple USB connection up to 1,000 personal recipes can be saved and transferred to other Touchline combi ovens, replicated and even sent via e-mail to be used in any Touchline-equipped kitchen, ensuring cooking uniformity as well as the same quality and taste throughout different restaurant chains.


4. Gas burners

air-o-steam Touchline high-efficiency and low-pollutant gas burners ensure CO emissions 10 times lower than the limit set by Gastec (Dutch government certification, the strictest in Europe) and 100 times lower than the European Standard Limit.


5. air-o-flow

This patented system guarantees uniform heat distribution and constant temperature in the cooking chamber, thanks to the revolutionary bi-functional fan and the Air Circulation System, thus ensuring great cooking evenness and excellent results in terms of food browning, crispiness, taste and flavor.


6. Multi-sensor probe

The 6-sensor probe ensures exact core temperature measurement at all times, thus guaranteeing food safety and high precision, with optimum results in terms of cooking quality and reduced weight loss.


7. air-o-clean

A completely integrated fully automatic cleaning system provides effective cleaning results thanks to the spray arm rotation and added water pressure thus eliminating the risk of leaving any residue of non-dissolved chemicals in the chamber.


8. Lambda sensor

Lambda sensor, for the perfect measurement of humidity within the cooking chamber to guarantee perfect cooking conditions at all times.


9. Double glass door

The dual glass panel, with its integrated fresh air channel, avoids the risk of burning during cooking operations. The hinged inner pane facilitates cleaning.


10. Integrated spray unit

Integrated spray unit with automatic rewind and water stop function in locking position for easy cleaning of the cooking chamber (in 6 and 10 GN models).


Food safety with Touchline combi oven

Touchline is the only combi oven in the market which assures 100% certified food safety according to HACCP standards thanks to the automatic Food Safe Control (FSC) feature.

Just select the food category, and the Food Safe Control function will do the rest, acting as a supervisor throughout the cooking process. When the Food Safe Control icon is activated and the 6-sensor probe is inserted, Touchline calculates if the food has been adequately cooked achieving the correct safety level. A green flag will appear indicating food safety has been reached, if not, a red cross will appear to indicate that the food has not yet reached the HACCP safety standards so you will need to continue the cooking process for some additional time.

Touchline allows you to download HACCP data and upload it in your PC via a USB key, without need for specific software.

Food Safe Control was achieved in collaboration with the Department of Food Science at the University of Udine (Italy).




air-o-steam Touchline is one of the greenest combi oven on the market.

Going green means working actively for lower emissions, energy savings, and economic management.

The air-o-steam Touchline oven offers a variety of green features:

  • the oven’s high-efficient, low-pollutant gas burners ensure CO emissions 10 times lower than the limit set by Gastec (the Dutch government certification, which is the strictest in Europe) and 100 times lower than the European Standard Limit.
  • gas burners and heat exchanger are designed to obtain the highest efficiency and save up to 20% of gas consumption versus the traditional blown burner combi ovens.
  • the Low Temperature Cooking (LTC) controlled by the patented Lambda sensor reduces food weight loss by up to 50%, thus eliminating significant waste.
  • the new automatic cleaning green functions allow users to choose between the “Skip Drying Phase”, “Skip Rinse Aid”, and “Reduce Water Consumption” options, thus optimizing savings in rinse aid, electricity and water, and reducing operating costs (up to 50%*).

* Comparing to standard cleaning cycles with no green functions activated (1 soft cycle/day with 280 working days/year)


air-o-steam Touchline oven:
the oven that makes life easier, saves money and reduces climate impact!


air-o-steam Touchline combi oven

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