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Worry-free HACCP audit for Food Handling Businesses

Worry-free HACCP audit for Food Handling Businesses

Cross-contamination and related foodborne illnesses are currently one of the major issues in the food industry, both for the consumer’s health and the companies’ profitability and reputation. This affects all businesses that handle and serve food, such as hotels, restaurants, caterers, care homes and even hospitals. 

Electrolux Professional has become the first and currently only HACCP International certified laundry manufacturer. This means businesses can now achieve the highest hygiene and bacteria control, reduce risk in the workplace and guarantee a worry-free HACCP audit.

In the food industry, contamination through laundry is indirect but parts such as nuts,
bolts and springs can enter food with serious consequences. Traditionally these businesses have had to outsource their laundry to guarantee cleanliness but this certification has provided the option to invest in an on premises laundry with complete peace of mind.

Richard Mallett, Managing Director of HACCP Europe commented: “The Certification Electrolux Professional has been awarded is usually reserved for food service equipment only so this is a milestone development for the manufacturer. It re-affirms the crucial role laundry equipment can have in contamination control, playing its part in preventing outbreaks and illness across the globe.”

By analysing the needs and challenges of laundry operators worldwide, Electrolux Professional has developed, with Line 5000, a new range of laundry solutions that meets the HACCP’s strict criteria. The front load washers, barrier washers, ironers and fitting solutions have been awarded the accreditation.


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