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Online Store & Partners Area



We have created a space on the web, dedicated to ease your work, ELECTROLUX SOLUTIONS. There you may find each product complete with all the related documentation, easy to use and download.

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Welcome to Electrolux Professional area for Partners and Registered customers

Information in this area is dedicated to our partners, consultants and registered customers.  

This is the place to find direct links to our on-line tools for ordering high quality spares, parts and products.

If you are not yet a registered customer, please contact your local sales office.

Laundry Products and Genuine Parts

On-line ordering for Electrolux Professional Laundry products and genuine spare parts.

Electrolux Professional Partners Area

Reserved area for Electrolux Professional partners.

On-line availability and ordering for food service and laundry products.

Reserved documentation, manuals and much more.