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About us

Who is Electrolux Professional?

Imagine ...

… a Formula One driver without his high performance car
… a concert pianist without her Steinway grand piano
… or a Tour de France cyclist without his back up team
At Electrolux Professional we understand the positive difference the right tools and instruments can make to your life.
So we can make a positive, everyday difference to you and our planet.

We pride ourselves on leading in innovation and design
Delivering solutions we know you want.
It is our mission to make life easier and more profitable for you

We have a firm commitment to sustainability
To improving water and electricity efficiencies
To save you costs and improve your profitability

We have been here for 90 years, building up the world’s most extensive service network So you can count on us to support your business wherever you are in the world 24/7.

At Electrolux, we are constantly looking for new opportunities...
… new and better ways to strive for Excellence in all we do
So we can make a positive, everyday difference to you and our planet.

Experience our
Center of Excellence

The Innovation Center is a modern and functional show room which offers professionals in the Catering and Hospitality business a unique educational experience.

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Chef Academy

The Electrolux Chef Academy is a team of chefs which combine their experience in Hotels and Restaurants with the most advanced technological know-how in the kitchen. 

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ISO Certificates and Declarations of conformity

Electrolux Professional is accredited according to the ISO14001 Environmental Management System and ISO9001 Quality Management System.

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